5 Things to Consider While Cleaning the Curtains At Home

 5 Things to Consider While Cleaning the Curtains At Home

Curtain cleaning in Melbourne is an essential job. Here are a few things which you need to consider while cleaning your curtains at home to clean your curtains thoroughly and safely.

  • The fabric of the curtains-

Curtains are made with a number of different fabrics like cotton, linen, lace, silk, and more.  So, you also need to wash your curtains with different methods. Or else, it might lead to damage or discoloration in your curtains.   Thus, there are specific curtain cleaning methods in Melbourne that you need to use to ensure proper cleaning of every curtain. Also, you need to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines before you start cleaning your curtains at home.

  • Choose the right curtain cleaning method-

For optimum results, you need to choose the way for curtain cleaning in Melbourne.  Many people are unaware of using proper curtain cleaning methods. Hence, it is advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that your curtains are cleaned thoroughly.

  • Dry your curtains properly-

For end-to-end cleaning, you need to dry your curtain properly after washing it. Many times, curtains get damaged due to accumulated moisture and lack of proper drying. Hence, to avoid this make sure that you dry your curtains in the open air on a breezy day.  Also, you need to avoid exposure to harsh sun rays as they can also harm the curtains and lead to extreme fading or discoloration. Hence, it is better to keep your curtains under open air but not under harsh sun rays.

  • Disinfect your curtains thoroughly-

Curtain cleaning in Melbourne is not enough without disinfection. By washing them you can eliminate the stains, but the bacteria and germs still remain back in your curtains.  This is why you will need to disinfect your curtain immediately after washing them. You need to ensure that your curtains are properly conditioned, deodorized, and also sanitized so that it stays free from pathogens.

Dos and don’ts for curtain cleaning in Melbourne-

  • Get them cleaned professionally- Although you are cleaning your curtains at home, still professional cleaning can have a unique effect on them. Hence, make sure that you have them cleaned and sanitized by professionals as well. This will help you to eliminate stains, pathogens, and bacteria from the curtains and make them spotlessly clean.
  • Treat each fabric uniquely-Every fabric needs unique treatment. So, you might consider treating every fabric differently and with different cleaning solutions. This will help you to get optimum results and you can also make sure that the fabric of the curtains is not damaged.
  • Prevent sun exposure- Consistent exposure to direct and harsh sunrays can fade the sturdiest of curtains. While cleaning your curtains, it is suggested to use a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water and a sustainable detergent. This will help you prevent shrinkage and make the curtains spotless, clean, and pristine without damage.
  • Regular curtain cleaning in Melbourne-Post cleaning, make sure that you vacuum clean or dust the curtains with a brush attachment. This will help you to eliminate all the surficial dirt and dust and your curtains clean inside out. Also, sometimes the curtain fabric might get caught in the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. To prevent this from happening, you can cover it with a plastic sheet and maintain a distance between the cleaner and the curtain. This will help you to clean the curtains effectively.


Curtain cleaning in Melbourne is a tough and arduous job. Hence, you need to trust professionals to get your curtains thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  At Curtain Cleaners Melbourne, you can get end-to-end services at much more affordable prices. So, connect with us now and schedule an appointment with our well-trained experts.


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