Most carpet owners put off carpet cleaning from December to March, and in certain regions of Australia, as late as April. They say that due to the ice and snow, carpet steam cleaning hobart should be postponed until the spring. Seldom do they know that there are several solid reasons why they should have their carpets cleaned during fall. Carpet cleaning should not be put off because it is hazardous to your health and the quality of your carpet.

Reasons why cleaning carpets during winters is advantageous

  1. Keep Family Healthy- Dust, grime, and pollen are easily attracted to carpets and rugs in the air. Because the windows and doors are sealed during the winter months, no new dust gets in, but all of the toxins that have accumulated in your carpets stay trapped in and circulate in the air. These contaminants discolor the carpets or cause the fabric to deteriorate. Cleaning carpets in the winter will help eliminate all of these toxins from the carpet’s fabric, increasing indoor air quality and establishing a sanitary indoor environment to protect your family from chronic health risks.
  2. Reduced Dry Time- Almost everyone assumes that carpets dry faster in the summer, but the truth is that carpets dry faster in the winter. Because the humidity and moisture in the air are lower in the winter, carpets are cleaned more quickly than in other months. The wetness in the carpet immediately evaporates. This is a huge benefit to many families, especially those with children, who find it difficult to wait for a long time to see if the carpet is drying. In the winter, the warmth of a freshly cleaned and dried carpet will be available as soon as feasible. A shorter drying period also lowers the risk of mold growth, which is caused by humidity and moisture.
  3. In the long run- Winter brings a lot of moisture and filth into the house, which you should clean up before it sets. If temporary spots become stains, carpets will be more difficult to clean, and deeper soiling might permanently damage your flooring. Allowing filth and stains to accumulate on carpets eventually causes the fabric to degrade. So, if you don’t want to replace your carpets in the spring, carpet cleaning Melbourne is an excellent option.
  4. Your pets shed less fur during fall- Winter is the perfect time to deep clean carpets if you have dogs at home. In the cooler winter months, your furry pals shed less hair. From May to August, deep cleaning and removing the build-up of cat and dog fur that normal vacuuming won’t remove is a terrific idea. We all know how important it is to remove pet fur from carpets, which is why expert help is required. And, if you’re ready to spend money on expert carpet cleaning and pet stain removal, why not do so in the winter when your pet’s fur is less likely to lodge into the carpet’s fabric?
  5. The holiday season- Because winter is the time of year when your family and friends visit you frequently, it is critical to hire expert carpet cleaning services to ensure a sanitary stay and a comfortable environment for your visitors. Carpets that are attractive and perfectly clean leave a favorable impression on your visitors.
  6. Flexible appointments- If you’re considering hiring a professional carpet cleaning perth company, fall is the best time to do it. To welcome spring, many individuals wait until spring to clean their carpets to eliminate all of the accumulated winter dust. This keeps professional cleaning services in high demand. You may have to wait for the cleaners to become available. If you opt for winter carpet cleaning, on the other hand, you are more likely to receive an immediate cleaning appointment.

Now that you know how cleaning carpets during winters are beneficial here are a few tips to maintain carpets during winters between two professional treatments:

Use a doormat to keep dirt & soil from footwear away

Vacuum more often to keep the surface clean & vacuum on both sides of the carpet

Try to keep pets & kids away from the carpet

Avoid eating food near carpets

Move furniture from time to time

Treat stains & moisture without any delay

Don’t attempt random DIYs on carpets

Cleaning your carpet in the winter may extend the life of your carpets while also making your house and family healthier by removing bacteria and allergens that have been carried into your home. In general, there has never been a better time to deep clean carpets than during the winter months.

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