Do you prefer DIY methods? Indeed, it is an affordable and effective solution, especially for furniture cleaning. But no DIYs can provide a better result than professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. Experts have years of experience, training and skills to determine the best method of cleaning furniture, which depends on material, colour, texture and weather. You may not have access to the tools they use, but if you want a DIY solution, you should consider these five things.

Things You Need for Sofa Cleaning Melbourne

You need a vacuum cleaner, upholstery brush, and steam cleaner to complete an effective couch cleaning process. As a DIY solution, you should have baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice to remove stains and dark spots. Let’s learn this in detail:

Cleaning Code  

You have to check the care code before preparing any solution. The popular care codes are:

W: Suitable for water-based solution

S: Suitable for solvent-based solution

WS: Suitable for both water-based and solvent-based solution

X: Only vacuuming is enough.

If you do not find the care code on the furniture, please consult with the manufacturer. Even experts also check the care codes before preparing their certified chemical solutions.

Heavy-Duty Lint Cleaner  

If you have pets, you should buy an upholstery brush or heavy-duty lint cleaner to make your furniture fresh and germ-free. You should brush the surface before applying DIY solutions for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. You can check the brush online to find the most suitable one for your lounge.

Steam Cleaner for Lounge Cleaning Melbourne

A steaming machine is also handy, especially if you have commercial premises. The lounge receives maximum foot traffic in a day, so you have to conduct steam cleaning at least once a week to make your lounge dust free and clean. If you conduct steam cleaning without the assistance of a professional, you have to consider the following things:

  • Do not hold the nozzle for a long time in a particular area because it may lead to fading.
  • Check the water reservoir to see if it is leaking or not.
  • Most steaming machines do not have a temperature regulator, but if you have one, you must adjust them properly.

Vacuum Cleaner   

You must have a vacuum cleaner in your room. However, experts suggest you buy a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, which collects microparticles better than regular cleaners. Please do not forget to clean the filter and bags regularly. Otherwise, you may find signs of pest infestation.

Fabric Refresher Spray   

The fabric needs conditioning; that is why you need a refresher spray. Experts use eco-friendly and certified chemicals which are more effective than regular sprays.

Please read the product’s guidelines before applying it because excessive use of this spray may damage the fabric. Some of the products may have chemicals that can be harmful to human beings or pets. That is why you must check the details and only buy the right product for your lounge.

Dish Soap for Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne 

Many people use dishwasher soap as an alternative to chemical solutions. However, you need a sponge to apply the liquid solution to the fabric. Otherwise, it may lead to oversaturation or dampness.

Many online resources suggest you apply DIY solutions directly, but most experts do not recommend it. Please use a microfiber cloth or white paper towel to rub the area gently with DIY solutions.

Isopropyl Liquid

Silk, wool, and microsuede fabrics are porous items, so you have to use isopropyl liquid instead of water-based solutions. You must use a microfiber cloth or sponge to rub the area with isopropyl liquid.

All these are DIY remedies, but if you need fabric or leather upholstery cleaning in Melbourne, you should consult with Regal Couch Cleaning. Our experts are available 24/7 to offer services, even on weekends and public holidays. If you want to know more about our services, please feel free to call us directly.