7 Tips for Maintaining Your Upholstery after Professional Cleaning

 7 Tips for Maintaining Your Upholstery after Professional Cleaning

Regular professional upholstery cleaning Melbourne service is important for keeping your furniture and couches clean and hygienic. However, despite regular professional sofa cleaning Melbourne services, a lot of homeowners complain about their couches looking dull just after a few months.

For keeping your couches clean after a deep professional cleaning, you need to take care of the upholsteries. And, here we have mentioned the 7 most effective tips that you should follow for maintaining your upholstery after they are cleaned by experts!

Let’s begin!

Vacuum Clean Regularly

Your upholstery is home to germs, bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander, hair and so on. Regular vacuuming is effective in eliminating all these allergens from your couches keeping them fresh and shiny throughout the year.

Vacuuming is the key to keeping your couches and upholstered furniture clean and shiny for a long time. Therefore, if you want your freshly cleaned upholstery to remain fresh for a long time, make sure you vacuum clean your couches at least twice or thrice a week.

Deal With Stains Immediately

Stains are frequent and inevitable, no matter how careful you remain around your couches. Furthermore, with kids and pets at home couches remain at high risk of being stained.

Keeping your couches fresh and clean for a long time after a professional scotchgard upholstery protection Melbourne service ensures you deal with stains as soon as possible. Blot the liquid and remove the stains using DIY hacks or stain removers.

Don’t let the stain settle in, get dry or seep deeper; hire professionals in case of severe couch stain problems.

Turn and Plump up Your Cushions

Cushions play a vital role in your couches. It does not just increase comfort but also decides the overall looks of your sofas. You cannot have a flat and dirty cushion on your professionally cleaned couches.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your cushions as well. Make sure you plum them regularly so they don’t turn flat over time with pressure and usage. This also helps in maintaining their former shape.

Use your cushions from both sides, and don’t forget to vacuum them during the general cleaning of your house.

Use Covers

For keeping your upholstery fresh and clean for a long time, using covers is highly recommended. Upholstery covers are best especially when you have toddlers and pets at home. They often like spending most of their time on the couches, which in turn brings more dust, dander, hair, food crumbs and so on.

Professional couch cleaning Melbourne services considers using covers on the sofas. This will act as a protective layer and keep your furniture clean and fresh for a long time. Also, when hoisting a party or going out on a vacation, using upholstery covers is a great way of protecting your furniture.

Apply Upholstery Protectant

Upholstery protectant is another effective way of preserving the looks of your couches after upholstery cleaning Melbourne services. These upholstery protectants make your couches stain-resistant and spill-proof.

Therefore, in case of stains and accidents, the liquid does not seep in, and hence you can easily wipe away the mess. Consider availing of upholstery protectant services along with deep couch cleaning!

Ventilate Your House

Lack of fresh air, sunlight exposure and a humid environment can cause odour problems in your couches. Furthermore, your couches can become home to moulds and mildew they don’t just leave ugly stains and release odour but also affect your health conditions.

Therefore, it is important to ventilate your rooms properly. Allow air circulation so your couches don’t develop odour or mould problems. Make sure to open your windows and doors every day for a couple of hours so your rooms can air out.

Avoid Excessive Sunlight and Pollutant Exposure

Sunlight is necessary for preventing bacterial growth and odour problems however, excessive sunlight exposure can be damaging. Your upholsteries can weaken, have discolouration issues and simply appear faded and worn out over time.

On the other hand, smoke and fumes from everyday cooking can also degrade the looks of your upholstery. Make sure you use exhaust fans when cooking indoors to reduce pollutant exposure.

Final Words

These are the best tips for keeping your upholsteries clean and fresh for a long time. Follow the tips and keep your couches spotless and beautiful after a professional sofa cleaning Melbourne service! Contact Fresh Upholstery Cleaning, the most reliable couch-cleaning expert in Melbourne! Get complete services at one-stop:

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