How to choose the right colour when buying blinds

 How to choose the right colour when buying blinds

Blinds are coverings for a window that are designed to do two things. One, to block the view from both sides, and two, to make the window look prettier. Here is how to choose the right color for it.

Talk to an expert.

If you have no idea about what color to choose, what stack to pick, and so on, let the experts do their job. Consult a home designer or a home décor specialist to develop the best possible design and color for your blinds. You would not be disappointed with their suggestions, and it is the safest option to go for when you do not know about color science or home décor.

Contrasting colors.

For people who want to change the whole look of the place, contrasts are for you. Pick a color that is the polar opposite of the colors present in your room and create a beautiful contrast. It not only adds a fun element to the look of the room but makes it look a lot more colorful and cheerful. The classic combinations are black and white, white and blue, and any other bold color contrasts to a neutral color.

The window.

If you have no problem picking the right blind design for the right window, you should have no problem picking a color for it. Match the color of the blind with either the color of the window, the color of the lining, or even the color of the finishing to make the blinds look in place and create a more wholesome look. When your blinds complement your window, you get the perfect combination. Try to stay as close to the color scheme as possible but do not match it from color to color.

The wall.

As a rule of thumb, it is a much safer option to pick the window coverings according to the color of your walls. When you pick a similar color for your blinds, it blends in with the wall and becomes a part of the place. Plus, it is easier to go wrong with such decisions, so you better pick something tried and tested instead of being experimental. If you have to experiment with the color, try to choose different tones of the same color, you could go higher or lower depending on how you want the place to look.

The floor or other décor.

Another safe option when it comes to picking a color for your blinds is to match it with the color of your flooring. Of course, it works the best when you have wood flooring, but if you do not want to match the color of your blinds to the color of your floor, you can pick just about any color scheme that repeatedly shows in and around the house. It could be your carpet, your woodwork, even some paintings, vases, and other items of home décor. All you need to do is find that one color you love around the house.