Some houses have rubber-backed curtains. Rubber-backed curtains refer to curtains that have a rubber backing to them or have a layer of rubber-like material placed on their backs. The main purpose of using rubber-backed curtains is as follows:

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Properties of rubber-backed curtains

  • Maintain a stable temperature in the room.

These curtains help you avoid drafts in your home. They serve the purpose of providing additional insulation in the room. They help to make your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  • Enjoy light-blocking properties.

Rubber-backed curtains enjoy light-blocking properties. You may wish to create a darker environment in particular rooms of your home. The rubber-backed curtains aid in this process.

  • Noise reduction properties

Sometimes you may wish to shut out the noise from outside. The thick material of the rubber-backed curtains is a very effective deterrent in blocking out noise levels and preserving silence.

  • Privacy

Rubber-backed curtains block the external environment and help to maintain your privacy.

  • Increasing the longevity of the curtains

The rubber backing of the curtains helps to make them durable and increases their lifespan.

Cleaning rubber-backed curtains

  • First, check the manufacturer’s instructions and take note of all the precautions and prevention methods to use while cleaning rubber-backed curtains.
  • Inspect the curtain to see if there are no loose rubber particles that are clinging around.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter to clean your rubber-backed curtain. Use the appropriate attachment to vacuum both sides of the rubber-backed curtain. This will remove any lingering dust from both sides of your drapes. Make sure you cover all the surfaces and the entire area while cleaning the curtains.
  • Shake the curtains gently to loosen any dust and debris found on the surface of the curtain.
  • You may find stains and spots on the curtains. Use a solution of mild detergent or soap in water and gently scrub the surface of the curtains. It is also better to use a damp cloth to wipe up the soapy stains and then mop up the excess liquid with a clean towel or cloth. This will help to remove the soapy residue, leaving the curtain clean.
  • Rubber-backed curtains are heavy and cannot be machine washed, Check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that hand washing of the curtains is permitted.

Create a solution of dishwashing liquid in water in a bathtub. Soak the rubber-backed curtains in this solution. After allowing it to soak for some time, rinse the curtain surface to remove any dirt encrustations or grime on the surface. The rinsing process in cold water will remove all traces of the soapy residue. Pin the curtains on your wash line to air dry under the sun.

  • After immersing the curtains in the soapy liquid, leave the curtains suspended and wash them with a garden hose. This will allow the curtains to drip dry. After they are dry, remove the curtains and rehang them.
  • Make sure that you don’t dry rubber-backed curtains in the dryer. Excessive heat can have the effect of melting the rubber backing. By the same token, don’t leave them in the sun for long, as this can also damage the rubber backing.
  • Use a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and water to remove mould or mildew from the surface of rubber-backed curtains.
  • The last step is to iron the surface of the rubber-backed curtain. Ensure that you iron only the fabric side. This process will remove all the wrinkles and creases, and the curtains will be ready for use again.


Rubber-backed curtains are heavy, specialized curtains that require special care and the use of the appropriate processes to clean them. If you are unsure about cleaning them, it is always better to use local experts like Professional Curtain Cleaning Adelaide to clean your valuable curtains without any damage.

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