Where hardwood flooring, vinyl floor and tile flooring has come, carpets are still considered an important flooring option. The carpets are still in demand and style. There are many people in the world who like to install carpet in houses. As there are many wonderful advantages of carpets. Let’s come to the main topic. There are two primary types of carpet. One is wall to carpets and the other is carpet squares. If you want to add softness to the floor, first of all, you have to decide which one you want. If you want to print large patterns or want to print custom designs on carpets then the wall to wall carpets are best for this purpose. The long patterns and designs look more clean and attractive on the wall to wall carpets. Whereas carpet tiles are beneficial for those who have less budget but they want to install carpets. The wall to wall carpet is suitable for homes where there is less traffic than the commercial places. However, carpet squares are recommended for commercial places. The reason is that the carpet squares are easy to handle as compared to wall to wall carpets.  Now, I am going to describe the difference between wall to wall carpets and carpet squares. After reading this you can better make your decision.



The installation of wall to wall carpets is difficult and it is not something that everyone can do. The wall to wall carpet is a wide and long roll which is needed to be cut for the installation. Before the installation of the wall to wall carpets, there is a need to install carpet pads. As they come in rolls and they cut in the shape for fitting, there is a waste of material. The installation process of the wall to wall carpets can take a whole day or more time. It all depends on the size of the room. On the other hand, the carpet squares are simple and easy to install. The installation of carpet squares is a DIY task, which you can do in your spare time.



When you go to purchase something, you purchase it according to your budget. So what’s your budget? If you have a good budget then you can consider wall to wall carpets. The prices of the wall to wall carpets are higher than carpet squares. If you do not know how to install these carpets then you will have to spend on its installation as well. So it is the right option for the high budget people. If your budget is low then you should go with carpet squares which are available at affordable prices in different stores.


      Comfortability and Softness

The wall to wall carpets are thick and provide a great level of softness to the feet. The wall to wall carpets adds warmth in the room. They are great sound insulators as well and that is why it is said that they are ideal flooring options for the room. However, the carpet squares are soft but they are not as soft as the wall to wall carpets. The carpet squares are thin square pieces that do not provide a great level of softness.



The seams where the wall to wall carpet rolls meets are sealed with the chemical. The wall to wall flooring looks like single flooring. The seams are invisible and this flooring looks neat and clean. Whereas the seams of carpet squares are not sealed with the chemical.



When it comes to the life of the wall to wall carpets and carpet squares, both have a life of at least 5 years. In case of good maintenance, they can run for more years. The drawback of a wall to wall carpet is that if any scratch appears on this carpet, it can not be fixed. You have to change the whole carpet. On the other hand, if any scratch happens on the carpet squares, you can replace the scratched carpet square with the new carpet square.  Due to the feature of easy maintenance, the carpet tiles are considered best for long spaces.

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