Where to Find the Best Milk Jugs for Steaming and Making Stunning Lattes

 Where to Find the Best Milk Jugs for Steaming and Making Stunning Lattes

Every good barista has to be able to steam milk and make beautiful lattes. Neither one is easy to master, especially at the outset, but I do have some good news for you: picking the right milk pitcher might be a huge help.

These days, shoppers may choose from a bewildering array of milk containers. They are manufactured by different firms and marketed in various regions throughout the world, thus there is a wide variety in terms of colour, style, size, shape, spout type, and overall weight.

So many different milk jugs exist, how are you expected to choose the best one? In such case, it relies entirely on your needs.

When looking for the best milk jugs for steaming and making stunning lattes, be sure to consider ones that are specifically designed for use with a milk frother.

Look for a milk jug that is made from durable materials that can withstand the heat of the steamer and the frothing action of the electric milk frother.

Consider the capacity of the milk jug when selecting one for use with your milk frother and steamer – you want one that is large enough to hold the amount of milk you need, but not too big that it is unwieldy to use.

When using a milk frother for coffee, it is important to choose a milk jug that is compatible with the frother and suitable for the task at hand.

The Bare Minimum Prescribed

The width of the container is the first factor to consider when purchasing a milk jug. The ideal jug for steaming milk is one with a wide enough opening to generate a “whirlpool” in the liquid. Micro-foam may be created in this whirlpool by breaking down bigger bubbles.

The term “microfoam” could leave you scratching your head. Milk that has been aerated and heated consistently will be velvety smooth, silky, and shiny. The byproduct of this process is micro-foam. This milk is perfectly textured for making latte art that flows freely and has a delicious flavour. Choosing the milk steamer and frother is most essential here.


Standard milk jug sizes are 12 ounces and 20 ounces. But if you own a coffee business and need smaller or larger pitchers, you can find them. The width of the jug shouldn’t play a role in your selection, since both the 12 and 20 ounce containers’ bottoms need to be around the same size.

The most important consideration when selecting a milk jug size is the amount of milk you will really use. A pitcher should be neither too empty nor too full in order to provide optimal steaming and foaming of milk. As with so many things, the answer lies in the centre. If it isn’t full enough, the steam wand can’t be dipped into the milk to aerate it. If the container is overly full, the milk will flow out when you attempt to steam it.

An Ideal Amount Of Milk Would Fill The Jug Two-Thirds Of The Way And Rest Just Below The Pour Spout’s Base

The best material to use for steaming milk is a stainless steel pitcher, since it will keep the milk at a consistent temperature. However, the jug itself will become hot when you steam the milk to a temperature of about 70 degrees Celsius (or 160 degrees Fahrenheit). If you’re worried about burning your hands or fingers on a stainless steel pitcher, go for one with a Teflon coating.

While skilled baristas and professionals can create flawless latte art with any milk jug, certain patterns are easier to free pour when using specific spout designs. This makes these jugs not only easier to use in competition, but also easier to teach with and learn.


When they first start out, most latte artists stick to basic forms like hearts and flowers. When things are kept simple, though, the foam may be poured into neat, round lumps. When you’re just getting started and still getting the swing of things, classic spout pitchers are your best choice for making these blobs. They allow the foam to emerge in a consistent manner with a usually circular shape.

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