5 Myths About Window Maintenance

 5 Myths About Window Maintenance

When we talk about windows and doors, their efficiency depends on how they are cleaned and maintained. Therefore, it is vital to clean them regularly based on the material kind you have chosen.

But most of us do not do regular maintenance, which not only spoils its looks but also creates a more significant problem in terms of its efficiency, durability, and quality.

Having said all that, there are also several myths surrounding window maintenance and cleaning. So, we might never know what’s true and what’s a myth. So, to make this process easier for you, we debunk 5 myths about window maintenance.

Windows don’t need maintenance

The biggest myth is that your windows don’t need maintenance. Irrespective of the window material or how new or old it is, every window requires maintenance. The level of maintenance may vary based on what material you use, but you should regularly clean and inspect any window.

Rain will clean the windows

Rain is expected to clean the windows. But in reality, the water and raindrops leave stains on glass windows. In addition, when you have left the windows uncleaned, the rain mixes with the dirt on the window and forms marks that can damage the window’s quality in the long run.

Windows that don’t open need no maintenance

The windows you don’t open or cannot reach are believed to need less or no maintenance. But the truth is just the exact opposite. Since you do not use them regularly, you are less likely to notice the dirt or issues. So, it is essential to inspect the windows within a stipulated period and get them cleaned whenever needed.

Window cleaning products are the same

One of the most common misconceptions is that all window cleaning products are the same. Of course not. No one solution fits all your window problems. Especially with a change in the material of the window, the product you use to clean them varies. Suppose you clean a wooden window. It would be best if you used a cleaner designed for wood. You can use soap and water on vinyl, but a glass cleaning product is the best for glass because soap and water could leave spots and streaks on the glass window. So, choose your cleaning product wisely to maintain your window in better condition.

Professional cleaning services aren’t worth the money

DIY is the trend. People might even leave the windows uncleaned but opt for professional cleaning services. Think of the problems you will likely face in the future if you do not maintain the windows. You might end up paying a bigger sum to replace the windows or even get them repaired. Always remember the saying, “Prevention is better than cure”. So opt for professional cleaning services, who can do a better job at it and save additional costs that you might otherwise have to spend on repairs and replacements.

Summing Up

As you have learned about maintaining windows and doors, it’s high time you plan and clean your windows regularly. Do not get fooled by the concept that window cleaning is time-consuming. If you think it takes a lot of your time, always contact a professional who will get it done faster than you and the quality will be even better.

Jaron Quitzon