5 Tips for Purchasing Quality Bath Towel

 5 Tips for Purchasing Quality Bath Towel

When our skin is moist and most sensitive, the first item that comes into touch with it is a bath towel. That is why the greatest bath towels should not only assist in drying us off but should also nourish our bodies, preserve our skin, and aid in its natural moisture retention.

Nonetheless, it seems as if we are unconcerned about the quality of the towels we purchase. Investing in high-quality towels is seldom a priority, which results in us using old towels much longer than necessary or purchasing low-quality towels that absorb little and take hours to dry.

Numerous essential elements influence the softness, look, feel lifespan, colorfastness, and performance of the hotel towel. How to pick the appropriate hotel-style bath towels for everyday use or for usage in healthcare and spa facilities?

With all of the advantages of high-quality bath towels, it’s past time for us to shift our mindset and begin treating our bodies properly with suitable towels. Here are some pointers to assist you in purchasing the greatest bath towels.

1 – Select the Appropriate Material

When shopping for towels, you’ll hear a lot about Egyptian and Turkish cotton. While these fabrics are luxury and fiber-rich, you don’t have to go for them and spend a fortune to acquire a nice bath towel.

The most critical factor to consider when selecting a material is that it is 100 percent cotton. This results in a garment that is soft, absorbing, and quick-drying.

2 – Shades

While the majority of hotel-style bath towels are white in color in every nation, certain boutique hotels like to employ colored hotel towels in shades of beige or grey.

That is perfectly OK; however, bear in mind that the colored towels must be vat dyed. This means it is machine washable at 90 degrees and chlorine resistant.

3 – Keep an eye on the fiber

When it comes to towel manufacturing, you’ll hear a lot of fancy terms describing technologies that increase the towel’s firmness, softness, and absorbency. However, one factor must be considered – the fiber’s quality.

The majority of bath towel sets sold in shops are made of short-staple fiber, which is less expensive but less smooth and durable. But at the other hand, towels made of long-staple fabric are stronger, more comfortable, and last longer.

4 – Take into account the weight

While you may overlook the weight of your towels, it is an essential element to consider when purchasing bath towels.

Towels with a GSM of 300-400 are lightweight and good for gym usage due to their rapid drying time, while towels with a GSM of 400-600 are medium weight and great for beach and bath towels. Additionally, if you’re looking for stylish looking towels, you may go for hefty 600-900 GSM towels, which are dense and comfortable but take a little longer to dry.

5 – Select the Appropriate Size

As with the materials and weight, towel sizes vary, and the one you pick will be entirely dependent on your personal choice and intended use. Bath towels range in size from 27″ to 52″, whereas bath sheets are bigger and may measure up to 30″ by 50″.

Therefore, if you want to wrap yourself in a towel after a hot shower, you’ll need a bigger bath sheet; if you only need something to dry yourself after a workout, a smaller gym towel is the best option.


It’s time to replace your worn-out rags and fluffy towels with high-quality hotel style bath towel sets. Utilize all of these suggestions to locate the greatest bath towels and treat your body to the pampering it deserves.

Gust Hermiston