A Simple Guide To Net Metering

 A Simple Guide To Net Metering

There are two common terms when it comes to solar energy: on-grid and off-grid. They are pretty self explanatory: a solar homeowner can either be connected to the utility grid or not. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, however most homeowners usually decide to stay connected to the grid for a few reasons. The most influential reason for keeping solar homeowners on the grid is cost; the utility grid acts as a storage unit for the solar energy produced by your system. In order to successfully go off-grid, you need access to your own storage so that the electricity you produce isn’t immediately wasted. The only way to do this is to purchase expensive batteries; it is usually much easier to stay on the grid instead. We’ve decided to put together a simple guide on the advantages of net metering and staying connected to the grid!

Utility Credits

While you can generate a large amount of electricity when using solar panels, there will always be times when your solar panels cannot function. Obviously the sun doesn’t shine at night, having the utility grid store your energy will allow you to access it when you need to power your home during the dark hours. Another common problem for Florida solar are the constant thunderstorms that plague the state. Stormy weather lasting for 1-2 hours can have a significant impact on your solar production. By staying connected to the grid you can avoid all these problems and even gain from it as well! If you fail to use the entirety of the electricity you stored to the grid, the utility company will actually credit you for selling power to the system! Net metering works both ways; the utility company can loan you energy when you need it and you can sell excess electricity for credits!

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