All You Need to Know About the Energy Efficiency Starter Kit by FirstEnergy

 All You Need to Know About the Energy Efficiency Starter Kit by FirstEnergy

If you’re only starting out with smart home automation, it may not be the easiest change for you to adapt to. A few different aspects of your life that you’re used to may need to be altered, and not everyone does well with change – especially when it’s costly.

For something like this, it is always good to start out small. This will allow you to get a better idea of how this change will affect your life, so that you may take things at your own pace. There are many smart gadgets, such as the T9 thermostat, which are user-friendly and add significantly to your home’s comfort. Slowly incorporating technology like this into your home may allow you to get familiar with it, so that the change doesn’t seem too excessive.

Conveniently, FirstEnergy has a starter kit to help you get started with smart home automation. The following are a few key features of this kit, as well as the gadgets it includes.

Included Gadgets

This kit has three basic smart home gadgets, and you can select the color you want for two of them. The following are the gadgets you can get in the Energy Efficiency Starter Kit by FirstEnergy

Google Nest Thermostat

The Google Nest Thermostat should certainly be the next smart addition to your home. This gadget is the key to your home’s comfort. It directly impacts your home’s atmosphere, which in turn affects everything you do throughout the day. Your productivity, mood and overall health can improve with the right temperature in your home, and a smart thermostat upgrade can help you achieve that.

The Google Nest thermostat has a few different features which may make you consider getting it for your home. Firstly, it provides constant updates. This will help you track energy usage, while also allowing you to do prompt damage control in case anything goes wrong. You can even install it at home within 30 minutes by following an easy-to-follow guide for maximum convenience. This thermostat can also be controlled using voice assistance.

Sengled Wi-Fi LED Soft White Smart Bulbs

Every home needs a good lighting system. Lighting is a multipurpose tool for your home. It can help you create the perfect ambience, while also improving the functionality and security of your home. With good lighting, you can feel safe and comfortable in your home, regardless of the time of day. Lighting is important for all parts of your home; it contributes equally to the interior and the exterior, which means the lights you choose must be reliable and long-lasting.

These bulbs will consume only a fraction of the power of regular incandescent bulbs. They provide bright, customizable lighting with a convenient remote control feature, which makes this the perfect gadget for every type of homeowner. Adding these bulbs to your home will reduce your electrical bills, while simultaneously improving the overall atmosphere of your home.

These bulbs do not require a separate hub to be controlled. You will have full control over your lights using their smartphone app, which means the lights can be controlled from any room in your home. The best part is that they are compatible which a wide range of other devices, such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Google Nest Mini

A smart speaker should definitely be part of a home’s beginner automation kit. All you need to do is say “Hey Google”, and the device will be ready to perform any virtual tasks you ask of it. From playing music to browsing the internet for a random piece of information for you, the Google Nest Mini has the potential to become your favorite smart gadget in no time.

With its amazing speaker quality, you can even operate it from another room. As long as your voice registers, this smart speaker will respond to your commands. Controlling your home’s ambience, ordering food or even finding the quickest route to work on a busy morning can become much quicker using this gadget.

Key Features

This kit provides you with the basics required by a smart home. The following features result in a more comfortable and better functioning home, and this upgrade can reduce energy usage in your home significantly.

  • Every gadget in this kit can be controlled using voice assistance. Rather than having to access the app and controlling them manually, you can use voice commands to alter the settings from anywhere in your home.
  • When it comes to the thermostat, the heating and cooling system care allows you to be notified regarding any problems which may occur. You will also receive important updates to keep your device well-maintained.
  • These gadgets can help decrease energy consumption in your home through features such as turning themselves down automatically when you’re not at home. Savings Finder can also suggest changes in the schedule according to your presence.
  • This kit is easy to install at home, without requiring any professional assistance.

An Eco-Friendly Home

One of the main characteristics of a smart home is that it can reduce energy consumption. Smart gadgets generally consume less power, which not only makes your home more eco-friendly, it also saves you money in the long run. If you want to contribute to the environment, this is a great place to begin. Investing in this kit will make it much easier for you to begin your smart home journey, without even having to individually pick out gadgets from all the different options available.