Essential Opportunities for Outdoor Kitchens

 Essential Opportunities for Outdoor Kitchens

Everyone likes to enjoy a delicious meal in a pleasant environment, but going to a restaurant can get expensive. Why not cook outdoors and eat in your own garden? With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook a meal or prepare a barbecue without skimping on comfort. You stay close to your guests seated on the terrace and keep your kitchen tools close at hand. Outdoor kitchens are already widely used in hot regions such as southern Europe and the United States, and are now popping up here. Indeed, no need for the mercury to reach 28 ° C to be able to cook in your outdoor kitchen. You can choose the outdoor kitchens venice fl now also.

An Outdoor Kitchen for Good Food

Of course, installing an outdoor kitchen is not something to be taken lightly. To make sure that your investment is worth the effort and that you can enjoy your kitchen often, it is best to take these tips into account. Place an awning or pergola over your outdoor kitchen. Without a pergola, it will suffer too much from the vagaries of the weather and will quickly become dirty. In addition, a pergola allows you to enjoy the kitchen more.

  • Plan enough seating space under the pergola so that showers never spoil your winter barbecue again.
  • Cooking in the shade or in the sun? Choose it yourself with the right sun protection.
  • Install two types of outdoor lighting: accent lighting above the worktop and nice mood lighting above the dining table.

Finally, pay enough attention to the choice of your patio covering. Stains are indeed inevitable when cooking. Opt for stain-resistant patio tiles or easy-to-clean patio boards.

The Flexible Alternative to the Outdoor Kitchen

A fixed outdoor kitchen is not possible for practical or financial reasons? Do not be disappointed, it is possible to enjoy pleasant moments in the garden even without an outdoor kitchen. A barbecue on wheels and a side table are enough to complete the dining area of ​​your pergola to cook in the greatest comfort and to be able to eat in the garden.

Assess your needs

While it can be tempting to think big and to give free rein to your imagination in developing your outdoor kitchen project, you still have to show restraint and take the time to properly assess your needs. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s hard to override this recommendation. To guide you in this reflection, start by identifying the activities you want to accomplish there and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you cook a lot?
  • Do you expect to receive a lot of guests?
  • How much area do you have for the construction of your outdoor kitchen?
  • Will you need special devices like a smoker or pizza oven?
  • What style of outdoor kitchen is you interested in (rustic, classic, modern)?
  • What are your lighting and storage needs?

All the information gathered following these questions will first allow you to determine the devices you will need to get, their size and their style. If you have limited space, you will necessarily have to consider integrating smaller devices or leaving out certain devices considered secondary.

Secondly, if you want to create an outdoor kitchen that can accommodate a large number of guests, keep in mind that you will need to plan a relatively clean design that makes it possible to install benches and chairs and that offers enough space to ensure smooth circulation.