Five most expensive places to buy property in Algeria

 Five most expensive places to buy property in Algeria

5. Djelfa


For those who need to travel all the time Ain Oussera Airport is close by and provides access to just about every destination on the planet. Another important attraction is Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography which has been in existence since 1927. A large number of prehistoric art and artifacts are exhibited here. There is also the National Museum of Antiquities and ancient Islamic art which has been in existence for a long time and which has many archaeological relics. There are also a variety of artworks which includes things such as pottery, jewelry and sculptures. A luxury mansion can cost approximately US$30 million.

4. Dyar el bahri


There is a lot in the area to do if you are a child. There are Parc aux Pirates Alger and Sablette Seaview Ballade which is amusement parks where people can engage in a lot of fun activities. People can learn a lot about the history, traditions and culture of Algeria by visiting Chrea National park Museum. Other places of interest are Parc de loisir familiale Blida, Dar Hassan Pacha, Dounia parc Bahli and Parc de jeux el kittani. A luxury mansion if a cash buyer can cost as much as US$32 million.

3. Radar


Many people go to Place du 1er Novembre which is a light rail station. As far as culture and tradition is concerned there is the National Museum of Antiquities. There is a long list of excellent restaurants and bars in this area and therefore there is no shortage as far as entertainment venues is concerned. Those who are religious or who are interested in architecture often come to Saint Augustin Church. It has been dedicated to Saint Augustine of Hippo. A luxury mansion can cost in the region of US$35 million.

2. Cite naïmi


There is a multitude of tourism attractions in the region such as Palais des Rais and Corniche Chenoua but there are also an excellent amusement park with the name of Parc d’attractions which is extremely popular among locals and visitors. Many religious people as well as those interested in architecture go to Mosquee Ketchaoua which dates back to the 16th-century and which was at one time a Catholic cathedral. There is also the Dounia parc Bahli amusement park which is visited by many people. A luxury mansion can require an investment of approximately US$37 million.

1. Cite zeyat


The area is well-known for its upscale shopping centers as well as for the excellent restaurants and bars which is catering to locals and visitors. Many people visit Botanical garden El-Hamma Jardin d’Essai which is a very lovely and elegant 1800s French- & English-style garden. There is also a fine-art museum, small zoo and several fountains. These gardens stretch over 32 hectares and have been established in 1832. It has become very popular among locals and visitors and it continues to be one of the most beautiful areas in this city. If you want to sell quickly, a luxury mansion can cost in the region of US$40 million.