How I Fixed the Study Desk for My Kids

 How I Fixed the Study Desk for My Kids

Thanks to the pandemic, schools supported the idea of online learning as a convenient way to avoid getting infected with a virus. Since then, many schools have adapted to this new learning style, which will indeed be practised for many years. As a parent, I ensured that kids adapted to this new learning setup. I scrolled the internet and learned how to create a conducive learning space for the study desk from Singapore

It helps a lot when my kids can focus on their classes. One is in primary school, while the other is in secondary school. We lived in an apartment, and since it’s a small unit, I dedicated learning spaces for my two children. So, for parents like me, here’s how I created a study space at our apartment.

How I Fixed the Study Desk for My Kids

My children’s education is my utmost priority as a parent. I wanted them to be competent and well-rounded before entering college. So, even if I’m a working parent, I made sure to allot a study space for them. Continue reading the article to learn how I fixed my kids’ study desk for their online classes.

1. Allotted a Private Space

I wanted a private space for my kids to focus on their studies. Plus, it could help them have a quiet background where I could avoid passing back and forth. Of course, it could have embarrassed my kids because their classmates and teachers could see me. For this reason, I looked for a private space to install the study table made in Singapore.

2. Regular Cleaning of the Desk

I also encouraged my kids to clean their desks when they have free time regularly. It could encourage them to be more organised and learn how to fix the study desk or table. It could teach them the importance of orderliness and why improving the study area is essential for a better learning experience.

3. Create a Good Lighting

When choosing a study desk or table space, you can also create good lighting. Perhaps, you can open the windows or install a lamp. This way, your kids can study even at night when using the study desk in Singapore. Good lighting can also help them maintain healthy eyesight as it prevents damage due to overly bright or dim study areas.

4. Ensure a Quiet Space

As I fixed the study table in Singapore, I also ensured it would be a quiet space to avoid distractions. For instance, I created a partition to prevent loud noises from disturbing the class. Since my kids were studying in the living room, I avoided turning on the TV at high volume.

5. Decorating the Study Desk

Finally, I told my kids to decorate their study tables based on their preferences. I gave them a tip to put some cute things like a mirror, pictures, or something that can inspire them to study. One of my kids likes K-pop, so she put on some K-pop merch to motivate her to pass the exams.

Education is essential for my children’s learning experience. So, I kept the study table organised from Kids Haven in Singapore. Visit their website to check out more of their study tables and desks. 

Jaron Quitzon