LED driver is a circuit that uses low voltage DC power. It can be used in many projects, and the circuits use a few simple components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, and diodes. When thinking of a LED driver, the first thing to consider is whether it needs AC or DC power supply.

Besides the type of power supply, you also need to consider how much voltage the LED driver should be capable of producing to drive your LEDs and whether it needs a constant current or constant voltage.

How to choose a LED driver for lead?

One of the most important aspects of choosing a LED driver is the type and quality of LED for lighting. LEDs can be divided into LEDs with low current and LEDs with high current.

  • LEDs with low current, their brightness is small, and the light is sparkling; they are active light sources that require a relatively large current.
  • LEDs with high power, brightness, and light are stable; they can be used as the main lighting of space.

The Function Do You Need To Know About LED Driver

The important function of the LED driver is to control the intensity of the light and therefore make the output voltage able to be maintained steady.

A leader design is also very important, which will help you to find out how much current and voltage it needs. This makes it easier to calculate its corresponding components in advance, which greatly reduces your time spent on research work.

How do you figure out the characteristics of the LED driver?

There are several ways that a person can use to figure out their LED driver characteristics:

  1. the maximum current and voltage set can be found in the characteristics of the LED driver.
  2. When checking the characteristics of an LED driver, it is very important to check whether there is a switch on. This will help you figure out if it is an AC/DC LED driver or DC/DC LED driver.
  3. How to choose LED driver in AC mode: tester. To test whether there is high voltage in the Zener diode, look at the high voltage between the negative electrode and positive electrode terminals.

Input voltage and output voltage of LED drivers.

The input voltage that a LED driver should have is normally from 4.5V to 35V. Depending on the LED and LED driver, the output voltage is usually around 1V and can be as much as 120V.

DEPENDING ON THE CHIP’S OUTPUT VOLTAGE AND POWER CONSUMPTION, the LED driver’s output current may vary greatly from one model to another. If you are looking for an LED to do light effects such as sparkle, you must know what kind of current it needs to achieve that effect.


In this conclusion, we can see that LED driver is a very important part of our daily lives, not to mention our home or workplace lighting. Therefore, you need to choose a LED driver carefully and remember not to buy a bad quality LED driver, which will be a waste of money. We hope that this can help you choose a LED driver and bring you more convenience in your life.

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