How to get rid of gecko at home

 How to get rid of gecko at home

Gossip, gecko, or gecko, as we know it, are terrifying creatures that parasitize our homes, especially in the summer, and cause terror for women and children. And whenever gossip is present in the home, there is absolutely no relief except after getting rid of it, as the Holy Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, commanded us in many of the noble hadiths that She urged the killing of this type of organism, which takes the one who kills it with a lot of good deeds.

Gossip, like many harmful insects, that cause pollution and transmit diseases, creates chaos and dirt at home, such as mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and bed bugs.

Gecko has its own characteristics, as well as special methods that must be followed to get rid of it. There are many types of lepers, close to 1400 species. The gecko lived millions of years ago and the era of extinct animals such as dinosaurs.

Lepers are present in various places, some of them inhabit the desert environments, some of them inhabit the forests, and some of them reside in cities and homes (Abu Baris is in the house).

After this brief summary on gizzard, we must know its damages before knowing the methods that we must follow to eliminate it. The most important of these methods are the following:

Geckos damaged homes

Diseases and diseases caused by gizzard include:

Respiratory system diseases: Gecko affects some parasites through which they transmit it to humans. These parasites affect breathing in humans, especially the nasal sinuses, and cause shortness of breath and many infections in the nasal sinuses. An example of the parasites that cause this inflammation is pentastomida.

Intestinal and stomach diseases: Gossip in humans causes gastrointestinal diseases and also the person responsible for that parasite that is transmitted from gossip to humans. However, these parasites responsible for intestinal diseases do not cause harm to leprosy, but affect a person with vomiting, severe diarrhea, and loss of appetite.

Pollution and chaos: Gecko causes pollution related to furniture and furnishings, through gecko droppings that it leaves on sofas and sofas, inside the wardrobe, and inside the cupboard of food storage in the kitchens, and these wastes can be seen and carry with them germs and infections that cause humans serious diseases.

Inconvenience, discomfort and tension: As long as he knows that the house is in him with leprosy, he does not congratulate the owners of the house until he is killed or taken out of the house, and the period in which there is at home remains accompanied by tension, distress, discomfort, inconvenience, and calm, restful and calm sleep. He is in control of them for a long time, even after going out and killing gossip.


Effective ways to get rid of leprosy at home

For the aforementioned reasons and damages, leprosy must be disposed of in the home in various ways, and this issue should not be neglected because it may cost the owners of the house a lot because of diseases transmitted by the lepers. Among the most important ways to eliminate it are:

There is a substance called clothing starch. This substance slows down the speed of known lepers and makes it unable to move quickly and easily. Hence, you can kill it simply and easily and sprinkle this substance directly on the lepers when you see it, and you will find that its movement has been slow.

Fragrances and fragrances, the smell causes choking and shortness of breath for lepers and make him leave this place immediately so you can spray perfumes in most rooms and the kitchen to expel the lepers from it.

Wormwood is one of the strong materials that expels leprosy from homes because its smell is not tolerated by lepers, and wraps wormwood in a piece of cloth and attached to windows and places where lepers are present.

Hot pepper smells after grinding it, expelling leprosy from the homes.

Insecticides have the greatest effect in killing or expelling lepers outside the home, but their disadvantages are that they contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and affect their health.

The first enemy of gecko is snakes, so leprosy does not exist in the place where the snakes are at all. The way here is to spread the egg shells in different places in the house and in the places where the lepers are. When the gecko sees the egg shells, it is believed that they are specific to the snakes, so it immediately escapes and leaves the entire place.

Another method that relies on the smell is to fumigate the home with incense, and this method expels lepers from the house completely because of the strong smell, but we must leave an open place so that the lepers can get out before evaporating the place.

The magic solution, of course, is to ask an anti-insect company to eliminate the lepers, as it has the great potentials to catch the lepers and kill them instantly, without referring to the previous methods.

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