How to Unblock Sewer Pipes by Yourself?

 How to Unblock Sewer Pipes by Yourself?

Undoubtedly, human beings stand out as the main culprits of most sewer blockage cases, making us responsible for taking care of them, and repairing them whenever they are needed. Sanitary products, wipes, chemicals, fat, oil, clothes, hair, and other substances frequently disrupt the underground pipelines, often leading to disastrous circumstances. However, main servers hardly ever face blockage; most cases transpire between the central tunnels and the household circuit, where pipes remain of medium size. In cases like these, home-owners must take it upon themselves to hire a plumber, or fix the issue through other means.

For individuals looking to educate themselves on how to unblock drains by themselves, this article covers do-it-yourself techniques that may save you and your drains during critical circumstances.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

Vinegar and Baking Soda act as natural tools that can help you unblock your drains with ease. One must pour an ample amount of boiling water down the blocked drain; after waiting for approximately 5 minutes, you can gradually deposit a cup of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate into the drain. One must then simultaneously proceed to pour a cup of vinegar, followed by a second cup of boiling water. This procedure may help clear most blockages. If this doesn’t work, you can go for other techniques mentioned in this list.


Most plumbing and hardware shops in the UK sell sewer unblocking chemicals, explicitly designed to help unblock drains London. In cases where the vinegar and baking soda technique refuses to take its course of action, you can rely on these well-devised substances, manufactured to produce the best results without making you work harder than you need to, in both the long and short run. However, these chemicals may significantly damage the environment, adversely affecting flora and fauna around your locality. 

Drain Hose and Rods

For those who wish to remain traditional with their approach, rods and hoses can help you clear your drains in no time. However, one must possess ample knowledge regarding the drainage network in their area to use these tools appropriately. A drain rod, plunger, and a well-maintained powerful hose can tackle even the worst blockage cases in the locality. To use these tools, one must first remove the manhole-covers around the affected areas.

The tricks mentioned above will help you maintain the sewage system in your area, keeping you from having to call a plumber every time a baby flushes their toys down the toilet!