Top Things To Consider Before Applying Primer On The Wall

 Top Things To Consider Before Applying Primer On The Wall

Everyone knows the importance of using a primer before TOA painting, and it safeguards the wall and makes the paint look exclusive. If you are using primer for the first time in your house, consider the following things:

Choose High-Quality Quality Primer

Don’t rush for substandard cheap quality primers because high-quality primers can aesthetically place low-quality paint. The low-quality primer is also challenging to apply and comes with a messy outlook. The cost of high-quality primer is worth its value as it is long-lasting and makes the wall look consistent and straightforward.

It Should Be In Right Amount

Before it gets dry, you must apply another layer of high-quality primer to your wall. Start from a corner and then move into the middle of the wall. This way, you can get consistent painting without lumps.

Tools Should Be Right

Applying primer in the proper way needs the right tool, and it would also help if you did the job with full attention and care. Avoid using worn-out rollers and brushes for applying primer. Instead, you can opt for new tools for applying paint, and it will look gorgeous.

Make Sure The Wall Is Dirt Free

You must pre-wet the wall before applying paint to get better coverage. Otherwise, you will have lumps in the wall. Pre-wetting is also critical as it removes the dust from the wall or lets them be fixed so the primer can sit well there.


There are plenty of safety rules for using primers on your wall. Don’t forget to use safety goggles for the application of primer. If it comes into contact with your eyes, it washes it with water and seeks medical advice.

During sanding and surface preparation, you can also use the nose mask so that you can’t inhale the dust. Gloves are another most important thing that you should wear while applying primer. As the primer is a bit toxic, please don’t allow it to come in direct contact with your body.


These are some of the basic things you should consider before applying primer. This is one of the significant investments for your house, so make sure the money doesn’t get wasted. Follow the tips and plan accordingly for using wall primers. I hope you will get the best color on your wall.

Jaron Quitzon