What Might Cause a Water Leak on the Basement Floor?

 What Might Cause a Water Leak on the Basement Floor?

If you live in a location where the water level is high, you may be experiencing water seepage in your basement. Given this, before you invest in basement waterproofing, it is important to find out what causes a water leak in your basement. This will allow you to know the right basement waterproofing approach to fix the problem before it results in rot, mould and mildew growth, and other problems. It would interest you to know that several factors may be responsible for a water leak on your basement floor. Knowing the cause or causes will allow you to find lasting solutions to stop the problem.

Below are some of the reasons why water might leak on your basement floor:

1. Damaged or Backed Drains

Drain lines are usually installed along the basement and foundation to carry waste and wastewater into the septic tank or the municipal wastewater. If the drains backup or get clogged or there are cracks in the drain lines, there may be water leak in the basement.

2. Leaking Pipes

Pipes and fixtures carrying water throughout the building might become old and break or start leaking water to the basement. Until the damaged pipes or appliances leaking water to the basement are fixed, the basement will continue to be wet. If you see water in your basement, have your pipes checked; they might be leaking.

3. Cracked Foundation

It is essential to complete the basement waterproofing of a house and ensure that the foundation is perfectly sealed to prevent water leakage. Meanwhile, if there are cracks in the foundation, groundwater may ooze into the surface of the basement. The cracks may be due to the hydrostatic pressure from the ground.

4. Clogged Gutters

If the gutters on the roof of the house are clogged, water will not be able to go through them into the downspouts. Water will undoubtedly overflow and fall to the basement, which may seep into the foundation of the house causing further damage. Keep in mind that the basement waterproofing of any home may be compromised by clogged Gutters that drop water directly into the foundation of the home.

5. Poor Drainage System

If the gutter system created to carry water away from the home is not properly sloped away from the home but towards it, water might run back to the home causing water to leak into the basement.


The factors above are some of the reasons why there may be a water leak in your basement. Contact an experienced basement waterproofing company to help you fix the problem and seal your basement properly.

Gust Hermiston