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In this Pest Techniques product evaluation you can anticipate to discover:

– Various types of pigeon deterrents on the market

– Just how to discourage pigeons from your home, lawn or business

Check out this guide for more information on just how to best deter pigeons from your house, business and backyard!

What To Find Out First About Preventing Pigeons?

The History of Pigeons

Carrier pigeons, or more properly, homing pigeons have actually been utilized for centuries to lug messages from one location to another due to the fact that they can precisely find their way home over large ranges, up to 400 miles or more.

Their tremendous speed of 50 miles per hour enables them to cover that distance really promptly. They can also get to 90 mph over brief distances!

The earliest well-known recommendations to them being used for lugging messages date back to 2500 B.C. There are Mesopotamian stone tablets that are more than 5000 years of age, which reveal pigeons being domesticated and raised as carriers and as food. The Roman Empire as well as the old Greeks both used pigeons to lug messages.

Pigeon Recognition

Pigeons and doves are usually mistaken for each other but essentially pigeons are larger, around 13-inches long with a rounded tail and also weighing virtually 9-13 ounces.

One of the most typical range is rock pigeons. They’re normally light gray on their upper body and tummy, with a darker grey on their head and bust. Their most distinct identifying pigmentation is iridescent purple and eco-friendly color on their bust and also neck.

The male pigeons are typically larger than the females as well as standing taller. They have bigger beaks, with eye ceres (a fleshy growth around the eyes), round heads and thick necks.

The females are much shorter with smaller beaks as well as ceres. They have actually flatter heads as well as larger busts than the males.

Pigeons like to nest on building ledges, roofs, girders, and also the rafters of stockrooms. Manufacturing facilities have trouble with pigeons nesting in the rafters of stockrooms or the upper stories of an onsite nuclear power plant.

It does not take long before their populace broadens to the point where they come to be an authentic brain-numbing nuisance.

Their droppings consist of acid that easily blemishes machinery, staircases, railings, pallets, dog crates, and anything unfavorable enough to be under when they “let go.” It has a pungent, unpleasant smell that seems to linger.



What Are The Different Sorts Of Pigeon Deterrents?

There are numerous kinds of pigeon deterrents on the marketplace; electrical shock, spikes, burning gels, and webs. The most efficient deterrents are the ones based on physical contact such as electric shocks, steel or plastic spikes, as well as gels that melt or aggravate their feet when they arrive on it.

Nets, suitably sized and also stretched, will prevent pigeons from touchdown on anything covered by them. Sticky boards or glue catches, although they involve physical call are a lot more along the lines of traps as well as various other extermination techniques, so they will not be taken into consideration below.

Electric Shocks To Discourage Pigeons

Electric shock deterrents, as you might picture, rely upon pigeons landing on an amazed surface area or track, which then provides a painful yet non-lethal shock.

It shocks and also hurts them, driving them away as quickly as they touch it. These are by far one of the most effective as well as reliable techniques readily available, as well as being the most costly.

Bird Spikes To Deter Pigeons

These are thin spikes with sharp points on them. The best ones are made of stainless steel and will certainly last for many years. Less costly ones are constructed from plastic as well as do not last for nearly as lengthy.

The spikes are slim sufficient to be challenging to see from a distance. When pigeons attempt to land, they face the spikes that either jab their feet or their body.

It hurts enough to instantly drive them away. The steel spikes are less costly than electric shock equipment, but will certainly still set you back far more than the other methods. They’re really effective though.

For the cost-conscious available, plastic bird spikes are likewise readily available. They’re not as resilient however they have their location among feasible deterrents.

Gel Solutions To Prevent Pigeons

Gels create a tacky, sticky feeling when pigeons arrive at them. They make the pigeons and various other birds very uneasy, so they swiftly leave the location.

These gels are the cheapest of the physical get in touch with methods. The gels will generally last for about from 3-4 months approximately a year or two depending weather and also temperature level, then they will need to be reapplied.

The length of time will certainly differ by area as well as it needs you to monitor it often. In order to apply the gel, you’ll need to obtain a caulk weapon.

Preventing Pigeons with Nets

Large nets can be stretched over a garden, deck, swimming pool, or various other areas where you don’t want pigeons gathering together and causing a mess. There is a fair bit of work associated with putting up webs, yet correctly done, they can be fairly efficient.

Leading 5 Finest Pigeon Deterrents Examined

As a fast recap, here are the Top 5 Finest Pigeon Deterrents we took a look at.

Our # 1 pick goes to the Electric Track, which is an irreversible option. Make sure to have a look at the Steel Bird Spikes which is likewise a permanent service.


This electrical shock track system from Bird-X maintains pigeons from nesting or roosting on your home. It comes in 4 different shades, making it ideal for use on any building style or décor.

The tough material is tough and also weatherproof. Very little maintenance is required, simply comb it off every now and then. It features a handy voltage meter to check for shorts or breaks in the line.

Once set up, the electric track is essentially unnoticeable from the ground. It’s intended to be a permanent solution, and it is. It won’t maintain birds from approaching your house, but it will certainly keep them from touchdown, setting down, nesting, or roosting on it.


These bird spikes are long and also slim, made from heavy-duty stainless-steel. They’re connected to a UV-protected polycarbonate base which has pre-drilled openings in it for mounting.

It can also be glued in position with an unique adhesive that features it. They’re extremely reliable at quiting bigger birds such as pigeons.

The base itself is extremely flexible so it can be mounted on all sorts of surface areas, from fences to tree branches to gutter and even more. Each plan has 10-feet of spikes.

Secondly just to the electrical shock system over in price, it would certainly take about $600-$ 700 to purchase sufficient spikes to entirely encircle the ordinary house, and also the installation procedure itself is prolonged.

Be prepared for that.

If pigeons try to land, the spikes merely won’t permit it. Plus, the spikes are so thin they’re virtually invisible to any individual who isn’t trying to find them. They do not call for much in the way of maintenance, except to periodically brush away leaves and other particles that obtains stuck on them.


These bird spikes are identical in style as well as feature to the stainless-steel spike over however have to do with ₤10/foot cheaper since they’re made from a high-grade plastic rather than steel.

They can also be affixed with nails, screws, or special sticky glue to whatever surface you’re installing them on. In spite of the different material, they’re still rather efficient at hindering pigeons from landing or roosting on your house or service.

They need quite a bit of time and also energy to mount them in place as well as have the same reduced maintenance (mostly brushing away occasional fallen leaves) as the steel spikes.

However, plastic, regardless of how advanced, will certainly never ever be as tough as steel, for that reason these spikes will not last as long. They’re identified as a long-term remedy, however because of the material in them, we think about them as a semi-permanent remedy.

Because of their lower cost, you can totally surround the border of an average home for regarding ₤ 400, substantially less than the price of the steel spikes. If you desire the effectiveness of spikes yet at a cost financial savings, these will certainly be the means to go.



Made of a very excellent quality polyethylene that is UV immune, this internet is perfect for exterior use due to the fact that it will not weaken or lose strength via direct exposure to the sunlight or components.

The knots on the netting will not break and the internet overall has a really high tensile strength.

The mesh dimension is small sufficient, very little larger than a quarter, to keep out pigeons and several other comparable sized birds.

Nevertheless it still allows cost-free activity of air through the mesh if you’re putting it over a garden, rose bed, outdoor patio, or recreation area.

This netting is strong sufficient and also rigid sufficient to prevent pigeons from making it through it without obtaining entangled up in it. It prevents (prevents) them from touchdown as opposed to trying to catch them.

It’s a simple, uncomplicated barrier with a tested performance history over the centuries– literally.

Installing it will certainly need a substantial amount of time and power if you need to construct a framework to extend it over. If you’re merely extending around an outdoor patio and also anchoring to existing columns or columns, then it will not take as much job to set up. It’s not as costly as the alternatives over, but it only is available in one color– black.

It’s not really useful for deterring pigeons from touchdown or roosting on the rain seamless gutters on your house or office. For those, you’ll have to turn to other methods.


This is a long-last (approximately twelve months) gel that creates a gaudy, sticking unpleasant sensation for pigeons when they land on. They quickly begin selecting their feet to get the gel off them, then finally flying away as it becomes clear they’re getting much more on them.

It can be used with a common caulk gun along walks, window sills, gutters, light beams, rafters, and tree limbs where you do not desire pigeons landing or roosting. It can be applied in a straight line, or in a bent or bumpy line for far better insurance coverage of the area being dealt with.

Often referred to as “liquid spikes”, this gel is a non-toxic petroleum-based clear gel that is virtually unnoticeable after it’s used. No person will be able to see, specifically from the ground so it will not change the aesthetics of your house or office building.

It stays reliable for months at a time other than in exceptionally warm weather. Maintain an eye on the thermostat when you’re utilizing this gel.

There are Mesopotamian picture writing tablets that are over 5000 years old, which reveal pigeons being domesticated as well as raised as carriers and as food. The Roman Empire and also the old Greeks both made use of pigeons to carry messages.

The most usual range is rock pigeons. The steel spikes are much less expensive than electric shock equipment, however will certainly still set you back a lot even more than the various other approaches. If pigeons try to land, the spikes merely won’t allow it.

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