Why Install Automatic Doors In Commercial Buildings?

 Why Install Automatic Doors In Commercial Buildings?

Commercial, industrial, and publicly opened buildings require doors that are easy to operate, long-lasting, and provide security. And the best door option to be installed in shopping malls, hospitals, police stations, and other buildings that are open for the public is an automatic door (ประตู อัต โน, which is the term in Thai).

As the name suggests, automatic doors are opened and closed automatically. However, various automatic doors are available and each of them functions differently. These doors are mostly used for commercial purposes so that no one needs to operate them manually and they can seamlessly handle the flow of the public. These doors are perfect for heavy usage.

Types Of Automatic Doors

There are various types of automatic doors that you may choose from according to your choice. Let us explore the main three options of automatic doors.

Automatic Sliding Doors

It is the most common automatic door you see in shopping malls, police stations, or in the hospital entrance. These doors use sensors and open automatically when a person approaches the door. The doors are usually made of glass allowing light to pass and giving an attractive look. It offers security to the place and seamless service. These doors last for a long time.

Automatic Swing Doors

These doors are opened manually but closed automatically. Swing doors are also widely used in offices. Swing doors are just like any other wood, glass, or steel doors with a swing attached to them so that they automatically come back to place. These are also safe and long-lasting.

Automatic Revolving Door

An automatic revolving door is a fancy option that looks phenomenal and is rarely used. These doors also open when a person reaches the door. The doors are installed in a circular place and they open following a round path. This automatic door can be installed to give an exceptional appearance to the place.

Why Are Automatic Doors Best For Commercial Places?

There are legitimate reasons why offices and industrial buildings are increasingly installing automatic doors. The benefits are:


It allows seamless public flow across the door. It opens automatically and people carrying bags, pulling trolly or wheelchair can easily pass through it without pushing it open making the process convenient.


It opens only when a person arrives and closes immediately saving the annual cost of heating and cooling. It also increases the efficiency of air-conditioning, saving overall energy consumption.


It minimizes the entry of dust and as the door isn’t touched, it mostly remains germ-free. Thus, the indoor remains hygienic.

So, when are you choosing an automatic door for your commercial building?