Why You Should Install Living Room Wallpaper In New Construction

 Why You Should Install Living Room Wallpaper In New Construction

The aesthetics of a wall’s design are only one aspect of the extensive time and money investment involved in the process. Whether you opt to paint your walls or cover them with wallpaper, you should make smart decisions that will save you money and make your home more appealing.

In the West, wallpaper is used on almost every wall, but in India, it is utilised only to decorate feature walls. This is in stark contrast to the ubiquitous use of wallpaper in the West. This choice is influenced by a number of factors, including the accessibility, affordability, and cost of wallpapers in India. If you want to liven up your living space by adding some wallpapers, here are some suggestions to consider before making your selection. Ok, so let’s get going!


Paper patterned wallpaper are popular because of the wide range of beautiful decorative designs that may be made on a paper background. You may or may not find a top coating on this sheet that permanently fixes the design. Paper wallpapers are often more affordable.

A paper-backed vinyl record

Vinyl paper wallpapers are backed with paper and often have a printed design. These wallpapers are often cheap, easy to maintain (they only need to be wiped off), and resistant to moisture.


The name “Non-Woven” describes the wallpapers’ exquisite look due to their composition of man-made or natural fibres. To remove them off walls, just peel off the adhesive backing, which is just as easy to do as attaching them. Previously noted, wallpapers made of non-woven materials are much more expensive than paper wallpapers.

Pure vinyl

Solid vinyl wallpapers are covered with vinyl from top to bottom, whether it a fabric or paper base. The decorative design is printed directly on top of the vinyl coating. Because of the protective covering, it may be cleaned and reused again. Choosing living room wallpaper grey option is essential here.

Coated vinyl or PVC

Coated vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most budget-friendly option. It is watertight because of the acrylic coating that has been coated or sprayed over the paper base. The only downside of utilising this wallpaper is that the designs won’t be perfectly finished.

Fabric Fabric wallpapers may be created using either the fabric that the design is printed on, or a layer of vinyl that is backed with fabric.

The Numerous Benefits of Using Wallpaper

Quick and Simple Procedure for Use

Wallpapering a room only takes a fraction of the time required to paint it. Applying beautiful wallpaper to your walls shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, but this time estimate is subject to change according on the square footage of walls you want to cover. This paint provides a number of advantages over others, especially those that need many coats and drying time. You can accomplish it without a doubt.

Zero Odor

Wallpaper is preferable to painting since it does not release noxious fumes that might cause headaches. That’s not all, you won’t have to worry about dirtying your floors or furniture, too. Overall, it’s a lot cleaner procedure.

A Quick Fix For Your Appearance

A wall that was dull and featureless only an hour ago is now bright and intricately patterned. Simply changing the wallpaper in a room might completely transform its appearance and mood.

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