Improving health and safety with the correct plant leasing agreement

 Improving health and safety with the correct plant leasing agreement

Your plant hire services will go a long way to determining the level of your health and safety standards. Of course, in your capacity as a project manager or site manager within a construction company, you’ll have your own safety procedures and processes, things that meet industry standard and things that you have evolved over time to meet the specific needs of your team of contractors. With a plant hire company, you’ll have access to the latest technology and equipment, meeting the latest safety and performance standards. What this means is that you’ll immediately improve the overall safety standards on site.

Latest models

The first thing to point out with a plant leasing agreement is that instead of using the same model of machinery or equipment for a few years, as you would if you had purchased the equipment outright, you’ll have access to hire machinery and equipment from the latest selections. A good plant hire company replenishes its fleet on a regular basis, so you are never using an old model when hiring for an upcoming project.

Improved performance

With the latest models of plant hire you are guaranteed a higher level of performance. A higher level of performance makes for a higher quality finish on the tasks at hand, and a faster finish at that. A faster project, with higher performance standards is much more likely to result in better safety standards, as everything is fresh and new and running to the latest, tightest safety standards and industry regulations.

Reduced breakdowns

The latest models ensure that when you use plant hire you are only receiving the very best available to perform the tasks at hand. Any problems that previous models have suffered from will have been ironed out at this stage, leaving you with access to the best version around.

Better maintenance

Your plant leasing company will provide you with the machinery and equipment you have ordered, and it will be ticking over nicely on arrival. There is no need to worry about breakdowns, as between every hire, the company will perform an exhaustive maintenance and repair job on each item.

Correct tool for the job

By using the correct tool for the tasks you’ve got, you are more likely to do so in a safe manner. Your plant hire specialists will have knowledge of the correct equipment and potential attachments that you could use. This helps in smoothing the process and ensuring that the best tools and attachments are used at every point, instead of relying on your plant purchase that might not be quite right but can get the job done, with lower performance and safety standards.

With the correct plant leasing agreement, you can significantly improve the health and safety standards on your projects. The latest equipment from a plant sales company means that you have access to the best models of machinery on the market. This will naturally have improved safety standards than previous models, whilst also reducing the rates of breakdown and emergency situations. All of this, combined with expert advice and guidance from your plant hire contact, ensures that safety levels remain high throughout.

Ronny Den