New Beginning: Dos And Don’ts Of A Studio Apartment For Rent

 New Beginning: Dos And Don’ts Of A Studio Apartment For Rent

Moving to a new place means onboarding to a new beginning. If you want to live a fresh start in 2023, moving out from your parent’s home and getting a studio apartment for rent in Singapore is one of the best ways to do so.

You will most likely become more independent without parental guidance because you will have to make your decisions on your own once you move into and live in a studio unit alone. Below are the dos and don’ts you should take note of when getting a studio unit for rent.

The Dos

·       Inspect the Studio Unit Upon Moving In

Whether the building for a studio unit for rent in Singapore is new or old, you should still inspect the unit. Doing so should allow you to determine if any existing damages may cause you some trouble later. Consider taking pictures or video recordings during your inspection so you can show them to the landlord before you officially move in.

·       Engage In Regular Cleaning

To maintain the cleanliness of your living space, you need to engage in regular cleaning. Keeping your studio unit clean and fresh prevents you from developing health problems caused by too much dust exposure.

·       Get To Know Your Neighbours

Once you have organised everything inside your studio unit for rent in Singapore, you should meet and greet your neighbours. Doing so will allow you to know who they are, not just their names. Becoming familiar with them can help you keep yourself safe from possible intruders.

The Don’ts

·       Make A Loud Noise

Since you will all be residing in the same apartment building when you rent a studio apartment, all units will become your neighbours. You better not make any loud noises so you will not disturb your neighbours, especially at night.

·       Damage The Property In Anyway

Even though you will live and stay in a studio apartment for rent, that does not mean you can damage the property. You can expect that once your leasing contract is over, you will have to pay for any damages you have caused to the studio apartment you rented.

Now that you know more or less what you should and should not do, you are pretty much ready to get a studio for rent in Singapore. Contact Coliwoo at +65 9790 8585 or leave a message on their website if you need help looking for a new place to live in 2023.

Jaron Quitzon