Technology is tops when it comes to the latest trends in plumbing for the year 2021. Interestingly, there is a growing demand from homeowners and businesses not only for smart homes but also for green living products as well as methods to reduce water consumption and recycle water.

Below is a list of the topmost plumbing trends of 2021 that can both save you money in the long run and upgrade your home at the same time. Of course, you should still observe proper precautions with these latest developments. So if you need a 24 hour plumbing service in case of a plumbing emergency, it’s still important to call the nearest plumber.

Use of Brain Pipe Technology

This clever plumbing innovation makes use of self-diagnosing pipes, in other words, pipes that report their own leaks. Said to be taking the market by storm, such a revolutionary strategy is giving a huge impact on the plumbing industry. Imagine a system that can detect leaks, can tell you exactly the location of those leaks and then automatically shuts off the water supply. Afterwards, the homeowner is informed by way of an SMS.

Certainly, this can prevent damage to pipes and property, and mould growth from happening. The best part, you would know how much water you consume on a monthly basis plus, when and where you’re wasting water the most by way of a report that’s generated per month.

Use of Solar Water Heaters

Water heaters that source their power from sunlight collected from solar panels are the most environmentally-friendly options for heating as compared to electric or gas hot water systems. Aside from conserving water and saving energy, you can also reduce your heating or utility bill. And the best part, you’re helping save the environment, too. These days not only big businesses are concerned about reducing carbon footprints but so do the homeowners. Solar power is one of the affordable greener options. 

Use of Sustainable Fixtures

Have you ever heard of sustainable plumbing? Well, it’s a system that takes advantage of energy saving solutions available out there that can ensure a very minimal loss of energy. An eco-plumbing system, they say, is using water in a more responsible way so that it enables you to control all your water wastage practices. 

Many establishments have modernised their plumbing systems starting in the 1990s such as shopping malls, offices, universities, restaurants and so on. Today, more businesses now use auto-turn-off taps and half-flush toilets while modern homes start to use new technology like Bluetooth showerheads, smart water heaters, touchless digital faucets and including sensors that can detect leaks in pipes. The touchless features are now popularly used in homes since these have been found to conserve water. There’s also the smart toilet with seat warmers and features night lights.

Of course, it’s highly recommended that Australian professionals who render plumbing services should also update themselves on these technologies.

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