Top 5 Essential Drain Cleaning Tools

 Top 5 Essential Drain Cleaning Tools

For many homeowners, drain cleaning may be the last thing on their list. However, this is essential to ensure the overall health of your plumbing system. This article lists down some of the essential drain cleaning tools that you need for this purpose.

Standard Tools

You should have the standard tools to help to loosen the screws and remove the top of your drain for cleaning. A licensed 24 hour plumber Melbourne locals rely on suggests that you invest in a good wrench or screwdriver, as well as other tools in your toolbox for this purpose. This will allow you to gain access to the clog in your drain if any.


Another tool that is important when it comes to drain cleaning is a plunger. This proves to be effective in clearing your drain from any clog as well. The key is in ensuring that you know how to use the plunger properly.

Drain Snake

You should also invest in a drain snake that is not only beneficial for taking out the clog in your pipes but also in cleaning your drain. For instance, you can use a drain snake to clean the drainpipe in your shower and free it from the hair that falls out when you shower. In this way, the hair won’t accumulate, causing a problematic clog in the future.

Wire Brushes

Make sure that you also have wire brushes that you can use to clean up some gunk in your drain. If you cannot find a wire brush, you can always opt to use a toothbrush instead but you may have a limited reach with it. Nevertheless, if you routinely clean your drain, you won’t be able to retrieve huge gunk.

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Finally, make sure that you also have drain cleaning solutions. As much as possible, opt for those made from natural ingredients rather than those made from harmful chemicals. According to a seasoned Melbourne plumber, with the latter, you may be subjecting your health, and your pipes, to harm.

The Bottomline

The tools listed above are only some of the things that you need to have for you to be able to clean your drain without any problems. In case you find it hard to source these tools or even use them to clean your drain, it is a better option to call a seasoned plumber in Melbourne instead. There are the ones who are in the best position who will be able to help you with this specific task.