The 60’s is a decade that’s known for its glamour, retro appeal, and an emphasis on space-related futuristic themes in interior design – and of course, the lava lamp. In a time that appreciated looking ahead, the Hans Wegner Wing Chair came as a pleasant surprise for all.

With an amply bolstered beech frame resting on stainless steel legs, this chair was sleek, sophisticated, and designed to accentuate the resting posture of the human body. The limited production led to the eventual disappearance of this chair from the design landscape – until it was revived in 2006. So below, we’ll take a look at how you can appreciate the 60’s renaissance by furnishing your spaces with this chair:

  1. The office venture


The Wegner Wing chair is a great choice for furnishing large office lobbies, waiting areas, and oversized corridors. This chair has a distinctly officious appeal despite having one of the most relaxed reclines. Take a look at this image and you’ll see how a cluster of these chairs can be arranged in a conversation-starting layout. The stylish silhouette and dramatic shape of the chair is overshadowed by the sleekness of the whole design, which makes it a great addition to an office-like setting.

  1. A worthy accent piece


The shape and design of the Hans Wegner Wing Chair is curated to enhance its accentuation value. Despite being quite simple and unembellished, the unique shape and comfortable angles of this chair make a visually appealing and cozy accent piece. You’ll definitely appreciate this quality when you look at this image. The gorgeous presence of the chair acts as an anchor that uplifts the entire ambiance with its stylish form and trendy aesthetics.

  1. Bringing on the retro


If you really want to go back to the basics with the design of this chair, then try setting it up in an eclectic or retro ambiance. Just as shown in this image, you can pair it up with other bold furniture pieces, vibrant colors, and unique accent pieces to create an ambiance that is reminiscent of the 60’s era.

  1. A statement resting area


Whether it’s a library, an office, or some other commercial space, it’s always good to have at least a small statement area so that people may appreciate the style of the space. You can create one by taking inspiration from this image – with just a few key elements, the Hans Wegner Wing Chair has managed to become the focal point of the space. The artwork, nesting end tables, and sleek lamp make the perfect accent materials for this chair and anywhere else you might want to place it.

  1. Owning a nook


The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is a great choice of furniture when you want to design a stylish little personal nook in your homes. Its retro aesthetic and sleek articulation are enhanced by the coziness of its ergonomics.  Moreover, you can easily stylize it with very little effort. Just take a look at this image – the cluster of nesting tables, floor lamp, area rug, and decoration pieces help enhance the presence of the chair, which in turn, results in the most wonderful little nook design that you’ll ever see.

As you can see, the Hans Wegner Wing Chair may have been designed in the 60s, but its stunning looks and easy ergonomics remain relevant even today. It’s a great choice for furnishing all sorts of modern spaces.

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