Top tips for vacation rental cleaning

 Top tips for vacation rental cleaning

Having a rental property comes with many responsibilities. Customer satisfaction is the top most priority in this business and the best way to provide them satisfaction is providing them with clean and hygienic places. If you do not want to hire staff for the same and want perfection, consider availing the services from

If you carry out the task yourself, below discussed is the process that you can follow.

Make a checklist

You should note down what you need to clean between each renter booking. You need to familiarize yourself with a specific routine. You don’t want to get stressed just because you forget any essential step or think about what to do next. After some time, you will find that your cleaning task will be complete in a short time.

Repeat the deep cleaning cycle

You need to deep clean specific things after every rental. For instance, you need to wipe the ceiling fan or baseboards after every few weeks. After one cycle, you will need to repeat the cycle after every rental.

Start from the laundry

This process takes the longest time. You can clean other rooms while cleaning the towels and bedsheets. The stains can take extra time to clean or don’t stain out. So, you should have a backup of bedding and towels to change them.

Apply vacuum

You may be confused about either wiping down or vacuuming the surface. You should know that hair is the main enemy of rental properties. So, you should start with vacuuming and then wipe down the surface. The vacuum cleaner will collect all the hairs and after that, you can easily wipe down the room.

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth

You should know that paper towel is not good for cleaning and it is also not environmentally friendly. For saving time, you should use microfiber cloths because they can be washed and reused. They are best for cleaning purposes and cover a large surface in comparison to a paper towel. First, apply a wet microfiber cloth with any cleaning product. Second, apply dry microfiber cloth for dusting and polishing.

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